After dealing with over a thousand cast, crew and extras, on my last feature film as writer, producer, director and cinematographer; I've taken a sabbatical and have gone back to my passion - photography. - Charles Teton

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Dark Summer, Charles Teton Director/DOP, in discussion with actors.

What the press say about Charles Teton:

One of the up and coming filmmakers of the next generation.
- BBC 2, Moving Pictures

U.K.’s answer to Robert 'El Mariachi' Rodriguez.
- Screen International

Beautifully shot in Cinemascope, Dark Summer is
unpretentious and uncompromising - Film Review

Truthful and believable - Derek Malcolm

Fresh and sincere - The Independent

A very impressive film - Premiere

Teton is a newcomer of considerable promise who not only has a real eye but is also determined to seek out present realities in an original and daring way. Clearly a filmmaker to look out for - The Guardian

Makes the inane trash usually passed off as boxing drama look like a farce. The film is cliché free and the punches hurt.
- The Guardian, Sport

A highly coherent and controlled film... an impressive debut.
- Sight and Sound

Teton works wonders with his ludicrously low budget.
- The Star

One looks forward to Teton’s next movie.
- Philip French, The Observer

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Dark Summer, lead actors, Steve Ako ad Joeline Garner Joel.

Over fifteen years ago I started my professional career by assisting some of the top fashion and society photographers in London and Paris; Albert Watson, Francois Lamy, Steve Silverstein, Marcus Tomlinson, Carol Latimer and Pat Booth, Lady Lowe, the photographer and novelist, to name a few. Five years later I moved to Milan, Italy, and started up on my own as a photographer.

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A few tear sheets from Milan, Italy.

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Returning to London, I was given a lucky break, to light an independent feature film. From that point on I immersed myself in the art of filmmaking and within a short time had made my first feature film Dark Summer which Mel Gibson's Company Icon picked up for distribution and has since been sold worldwide.

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Lead actor, Ed Dehn, in Dorset on Charles Teton's film White Light.

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One of my many refugee scenes, thanks to so many to people.

For the last ten years I have been working on my most ambitious project yet, White Light, a feature film of epic proportion, which is now completed and in post production. A true auteur, I write, produce, direct, light and edit my own movies.

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Director, Charles Teton, running through scene in White Light.

About your portrait session:

On arrival I generally spend at least half an hour starting to get to know the family and subject, finding good locations in the home or garden and a few favorite activities to shoot around.

The actual session, which includes at least two setups/clothing changes, normally lasts between one to two hours. Working very much at the pace of the individual, if the portrait is of a child I stop before they becomes over excited, bored or in need of that all important nap, and then restart when the time is right.

I am a perfectionist by nature and as we all know some times the subject, especially a child, can have an off day. So in the rare event that I am not satisfied with the results of the first photo session, then with your permission I will return for a second session, at no extra cost. - To me capturing the subject's spirit in a photograph is paramount.

I do not rely on props, backdrops or forced smiles but take time to get to know your child through talking, playing, exploring or just being silly. It is this caring, patient and relaxed manner that ensures your child feels comfortable, which in turn allows me to capture their individuality in my unique intimate style.

'Exceptionally talented photographer!'

Daryl Aitken, Head of Marketing, eBay (Daryl has spent almost 25 years in marketing and advertising, holding senior and executive roles at eBay, BBDO, Eaton's and Ogilvy & Mather).

Photographic Session Fees:

As my background is different so is my fee structure. As a parent myself I dislike the fee structure where you pay a small fee for the session and then get hit by excessive costs for any print or to use the images. I've hear nightmare stories of sessions adding up to over £1,000 which is why I believe firmly in an 'all inclusive' price. I charge a fair fee for my session and once you have paid that, you will not be charged any additional costs to have as many prints as you like. All prints and gifts are at cost and can be ordered directly over the internet by you, your family and friends or if you wish, I can make the order for you and you will be charged the actual cost price at PhotoBox. As important, you will also receive a beautifully crafted DVD in a case which will include the high resolution images for you to use as you see fit, be that a massive poster, on your family web site or to make hundreds of copies for Christmas cards.


Dress - With my style of intimate close-up portraits, clothing is there to add an all important hint of colour. Tops should be simple and casual avoiding busy patterns and avoiding logos. Solid pastel colours work best, occasionally primary colour can work well. Textured tops, such as wool or soft fuzzy sweaters, can also add depth to the portrait. If possible please have four or five tops available to choose from. Also try and make sure that none of the clothes are brand new. As a rule a person or child feels a lot more relaxed in tops that have been washed at least once, and they generally will fit a little better too.


Request - When I am asked to photograph a child, I always ask that the parents do not talk about the impending session as something special. I want the child to keep right on doing whatever they are engaged in on that particular day. In fact if they do not take too much notice of me that is a great start to trying to capture the true essence of your child's personality.


About a month before my daughter was born, my partner was diagnosed as having Preeclampsia. From that second on for the next twenty one days the world for both of us totally changed. The help and kindness we received was truly exceptional and made such a difference to us both. As a way of repaying that kindness:

I am making my services available free of charge to parents in North Wiltshire who have children of all ages who are suffering from life-threatening illness, injury, special needs or extremely premature newborn or early infant loss, regardless of their social or economic backgrounds and I was one of the first member of NILMDTS/nowilaymedowntosleep, in the UK. Please be assured, there are absolutely no fees or hidden costs involved.

At your request, I will come to your hospital location, if so please seek permission before making contact. If you need to contact me outside normal social hours, 24 hours a day, please feel at ease to TEXT me on 0778 660 5026 with your name, number, address of hospital and I will try and get back to you as soon as possible. 
If I do not immediately pick up the phone please leave a message as it will generally mean I am shooting a session.

I have had a CRB Check (Criminal Record Bureau) to work with children, I have been trained in paediatric first aid and I am fully insured.


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